Sunday, February 24, 2008

First thing...

So many things to do - only have 3 more hours left in this day
Gotta wake up tomorrow and do it all over again

First thing I do:

First thing I do when I come in from a long day of work (after greeting my nieces, sister & brother-n-law). I turn on my heated mattress pad. I like to feel warm (just about all the time). I like the idea that lions lay in the sun and as a Leo (Lionness) myself - I have found it quite bliss to just let some sun rays - show me how clever God was when he created them.

(By the way - do not judge me for mentioning my astrological sign and God in the same paragraph - its not "that" deep over here - smile)

First thing I do when I get out the shower - I grab my towel - I do not dry off - but rather I walk to my bed and sit down to dry... Yep, I pretty much walk from the bathroom soak & wet. Only one had a problem with it

First thing I do when I wake up - Say the Lord's Prayer and think about where my first cup of coffee is coming from (chik-fil-a, my sister made it, or will I have to wait until I reach work, rarely to I hit the Starbucks traffic)

First thing I do when I get in the office - Peek at what everyone is doing (they are great fakers), get a cup of coffee (it will either be my first or my next half a cup) & check my emails

First thing I do when I see a cute guy - try NOT to look at him - these eyes are dangerous - lol

First thing I do when I walk into a rool - concentrate on not falling and then see who is looking at me and at what part of my anatomy

Im too tired to finish this - but I think I may have started something


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