Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It aint 4 in the morning

I dont know why - but I seem to always find myself listening to women sing about their problems is it a "woman thing"? (see previous blog)

I think being a writer (in a sense) - it latches me to their words and the way they choose to create their story through song. I have also been told that some of my peoms could be singable lyrics

Good Morning All:
It aint 4 i n the morning - but I tried to wake up early today. I had a 6:30am oil change I had to make. I know - I know, that's crazy going to get car services so early. But I think its fantastic that my car company offers it as early as 6am.What if I was trying to drive out of town and like some people who want to get their car checked or serviced before they leave, it could be a convenient thing - think about it some more.

What the heck is everyone doing now that its fall? Is it fall yet? and when does the time change?

The weather here is already cooling and its freaking great. Mostly because I think that clothes in the fall and winter months seem to be more stylish. In the summer you are basically advertising your body with short skirts, shorts, back-less or halter-top dresses, same thing for the shirts, swim suits and so on. Soon people are going to try walking around naked - at that point maybe we will all be de-sensitized to it.

Speaking of de-sensitizing. I think that most guys are getting that way towards women's dress. I mean we show so much (in the summer). I myself used to show a little leg, a little arm and yes at one time a little belly button. But that was then and this is now. Gotta grow up from hoochie-ness (not to say "I" dressed like a hoochie) but all that changes. I think I am now in my sophisticated stage where soft or creamy materials/fabrics complement the well-covered body. Im talking about dressing like a grown-azz-woman (LOL)

Anyhow, I seriously need a vacation. My friend Bobby mentioned Jamaica - been there done that. I dont care if it is a new and nice resort. I wanna get some use out of my passport before it expires next year.
I think thats amazing that I have a passport that will expire - which means Ive had mines for 8 years - verses some folks who are just starting to get them. I think the renewal process will be a lot easier than trying to get a new passport at this time.

Quick thought: Maybe I should drive to Mexico. Maybe I should see how easy it is to cross the boarder -lol


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I'm happy you returned.


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