Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Indian Giver

I wish I was an Indian Giver - so I can take back all my shit (like they did to the pilgrims)
all the things you stole from me
reclaim what was owed to me

On my mother's - mother side of the family - Cherokee Native American (Indian)
On my mother's - father side of the family - Blackfoot Native American (Indian) and some where down the line, I was told about some Ethopians.
On my father's side of the family - who knows - some days - who cares, until I remember that its part of me

There is something about taking something back - like how I do (or would do) if I brought a product from the store and realized after bringing it home - this is not what I wanted (anymore).
Thank God... I saved my receipt
Makes you wonder why we sometimes throw away or lose a receipt
In the line -
waiting my turn
until the cashier request for me to come to her
and then she says
Question: "What's your reason for returning this item today"
Answer: It didnt fit right
Answer: It didnt work
Answer: I brought the wrong thing
Answer: Just dont want it


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