Friday, January 05, 2007

No excuses.....

Is being busy really a good excuse for not doing what I love to do? (write)
Not really - So I want to respond (and apologize) to Stacy Jones who asked me a very important question - "Why dont I update more regularly?"

Hmm... (literally scatching my head)

I guess I lack the skill of multi-tasking, which I use to be so good at. I also feel like I suffer from a mild case of Adult A.D.D. - I just cant stop jumping from one task to the next.

I would like to you to picture sitting room - which currently consist of: My computer and computer desk; loveseat and chase, small end table, chester drawers, pictures and bamboo. There is a part of my floor, in my sitting room that is especially dedicated to my piles of papers - which are to be filed, looked through, re-evaluated, completed or paid (if it happens to be a bill) or just maybe I dont know what I want to do with it - so its best I keep it before me until I figure it out. This space on my floor in my sitting room has duplicated itself in my office, where I now have pile(s) or boxes of un-sorted papers that I hide under my desk.

This is a very annoying and embarrasing disease of mines (being disorganized) and what makes it worst is that my boyfriend is ssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo - freakin organized sometimes I feel like he comes around to inspect my disorganization with a white glove and fines me for every shoe thats out of place - OKAY - Okay Im exagerating... but he is pretty organized and Stacy this is really a long excuse/answer for I've just been plain busy.

Also, There were some occassion when I would start some pieces/writings (in my head, while driving home) only to get to the computer and not remember the purpose of why I wanted to share the material to the public in the first place.

I think writing a blog has gotten to be a bit demanding - You almost feel obligated to write something "worth reading" when before I would write from my heart OR write while venting and it felt good - so good...
Now I sit at my computer as if I needed to write a pilot for Larry King or Jerry Seinfeld (sorrie, I just so happen to think that they are very funny - Have you ever seen Curb your Enthusasim?).
Anyhow - That's my long and lame explaination - I hope you will accept my apology. I would say that I will try to do better - but I hate making those kind of promises. (But I will try to do better - okay)


Anonymous stacy jones said...

No problem, I love your blog so I will come around from time to time to see if you have writen anything new.


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