Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So Im just going to sit here and write something
maybe something funny
maybe something about my honey (How sweet he is)

Maybe something cuz Im feeling blue
Maybe something true
Maybe something even YOU - could understand

I thought about my girl - NaNita today
I dont know what to say to her sometimes
I dont know what to say to her now-a-days
we are so far away from each other
(even though we are in the same city - she may even be up the street from me - I think)
but Im talking about - we are far...............................away..................from.................... each other
further then we have ever been
dont know how this much distance has grown - between friends

I remember when we were in high school: I was good and she was bad (and sometimes vice versa) - I dont know how those moments seem so perfect to me -
Does anybody here know about "The Cranberries" - well just about every song - on every album from that group could have been a theme song to one of our adventures on any given day. And there were others - like when we (two cool ass black girls) discovered Green Day...
Dont know how I became so interested in punk-rock, at an early age. Going to a predominantly black (middle-class) school.

A year ahead of me
In age
and in school
so she left me and went to college - (VSU)
and a year later I followed
and there we were all over again - experiencing new freedoms together

Our first semester is full of stories (include the one of seeing the UFO -LOL)

2nd semester
on my own again
something didnt work out here
she left
I became somebody - on my own...

Back again
we always bounce back again
(I mean Im trying to wrap up more than 10 years in a few paragraphs - maybe you'll never get it)

That was then - This is now
Come out - COME OUT - where ever you are????!!!!!

And this is for you

Here is my hand
would you like to hold it
Seems like what you're holding on to
keeps slipping from you
I would take that as a sign
but you know me
I take
everything as a sign

I wish I had something to say
but recently
you dont like what I have to say
so Im silent

I got something I want to ask you
Where are you going?
I keep watching you spinning around
and Im getting quite tired of this
(and dizzy)
No more euphorisms
Just real life
from now on


I'll be praying for you...


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