Saturday, August 19, 2006

Schools in session

This year - school (in PG County) starts on "my" birthday
So I'm taking this opportunity to teach a very important subject:
Why Men Love Bitches
Men you may follow along - but obviously this course isnt for you - feel free to comment - I would like to know if you think I'm right or wrong

Now that I've signed you up for this course - Tell me are you a "Nice Girl"?

(Please Take Notes)
The Nice Girl = overcompensates, gives everything she has to a man she barely knows, doesnt allow the man to invest much of anything into the relationship. She will go along with what (she believes) her man likes - in order to be liked. And at all costs wants to hold on to the relationship.

There is only one answer YES or NO (No explainations - PLEASE)
1. Do you feel guilty when you say no, or do you say no and then second-guess yourself?
2. Do you often try to tell your partner that you want to be treated with respect?
3.Do you find yourself bartering or negotiating for want you want or need?
4. Do you often pass up sleep or the need for persoanl time to meet his needs?
5. Do you regularly see him on short notice when it is convenient for him?
6. Do you find that you repeat what you've asked for as though he didnt hear it the first time?
7. After a fight, are you always the first to contact him or apologize?
8. Do you find you are much more doting and affetionate than he is?
9. Do you often feel depleted after he has been with you?
10. Do you constantly want more attention or reassurance?

If you have answered YES to 5 or more of these questions -you are giving Far more than you are receiving.
Disclaimer #1(This Quiz comes directly from the Why Men Love Bitches - handbook, its a must have in your "self-help library)
Okay so this is what you can do - You can follow along & I promise I wont be able to do this every day - but since I've become somewhat nicer than what I use to be - I just wanted to be reminded why that is an absolute NO - to the NO
Disclaimer #2 - This does not all mean that I am a bitter female who can not get a man or want a man. I actually want to be in a loving, trusting and respectful (mariage) relationship - Just dont get it twisted.


Blogger beautyinbaltimore said...

I discovered your blog over the weekend and I love it. I read through the archives(every sigle post. You are off the hook. Like you I am 5'8 and a size four. Except my size four has a one in front of it.
I tried dating a guy who thought like this. He told me he likes snobish(spell) bitchs. Well, we didn't go far. I don't enjoy being mean to people.

Blogger Hamani said...

Thank you my dear - just when I thought I was on my own (in thought) - here you are to re-assure me that - and for that you have made my day!


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