Friday, April 07, 2006

A popular saying

Please answer the following question for me:

When you are in this country - you do what?

This is a serious question I need some answers - I actually bet someone on this issue (PLEASE RESPOND)


WOW - I didnt realize I made this so vague -What Im asking for is a saying - I dont want to tell you the saying because I dont want to influence you with my answer..

Hint: It starts off with - When in...


Anonymous Ms. Bri :P said...

When I am in this country I …
enjoy being a woman.
enjoy my freedom to go anywhere I want to go or do anything I want to do.
Enjoy my liberties like clean running water, heat, and electricity. (it’s the humanitarian in me talking)
go travel to different states and enjoy what each state has to offer.
go to parks, museums, theaters, concerts, carnivals, and black tie affairs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Travel, gossip, dance, sing, watch the news and get p.o.'d at the people and the news anchors, watch tv, judge people, go to church, read

Anonymous Stuart Talbert said...

What's up Sean!

When in Rome do as the Romans.


Blogger Hamani said...

Yes - Stuart - you are RIGHT!!!
(give me more)

Anonymous Tom Harrison said...

Sean how are you doing?

Like Stu said when in Rome do as the Romans but when in America do
what you please it a free country so you can do as the Romans, Italians, Germans, Russians just have fun and stay out of trouble.

Blogger Hamani said...

I would like 2 get at least 10 more comments

Anonymous Sandra Longs said...

Ms. Mamacita,

When in Rome do as the Romans....

Sandy L :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

miss the beach, miss the island culture, miss natural vegetables, and plucking ripe fruit from trees as i walk by... miss local rum, and fresh squeezed soursop juice

ryan d

Anonymous Nina said...

When in Rome, do as the Romans do...

Anonymous Nina said...

I'm surprised more people haven't repsonded. That was an easy one. Give us a harder one. :)

Blogger Hamani said...

Im surprised more people havent responded too - but what aya know...
Some people "may" not get it!

Anonymous Erica Paul said...

When in Rome do as the Romans

Anonymous Ray said...

When in Rome you do as the Romans do.

Blogger Clarity-The Rarity said...

Ms. Harley as the saying goes...when in Rome do as the Romans do

***which i am not even going to follow up because if the tricks would have taken over my streets to create an empire and the told me my time and place to adjust, i would say if i can't walk like an Egyptian, then take me back to Africa

personally if i was in Rome I would do as the Vandals (one of the groups that led to the destruction of their empire)


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