Sunday, December 04, 2005

Diaries of a MAD Spa Coordinator

(imagine me - slowly opening a window - only to scream)

(Im offically a hater today)

If this trick refers to herself as Dr. Jane Doe - one more time - Im going to tell her just how sick I am of her title

I get a phone call

(Greetings)- Good Day - Thank you for calling Skin Savvy Spa this is Sean - how can I help you
Hi Sean
This is..... (drumroll please) - Dr. Jane Doe (I dont wanna say her real name)
- I need help with Blah - blah - Blah

this call came through 3 times

(upon arrival) - are you Sean?
Hi Sean - Im Dr. Jane Doe
(batting my eyes - like who are you? - a piece of paper that says I passed the Medical Board Exams)

only reason why Im complaining about this today - is because - I cant believe she was THAT serious

Granted Ryane' is studying to be a doctor right now & I tease her all the time - Dr. Edmonds this - Dr. Edmonds that - but she doesnt go around introducing herself as Dr. Edmonds - she will just politely let you know - oh & by the way - Im a doctor
I have a girlfriend who is a doctor at GEORGETOWN (freakin) UNIVERSITY Hospital & she doesnt call herself - Dr. Blah Blah blah - either

So this blog is for you Dr. Jane Doe - BE WHO YOU ARE - WITHOUT TELLING EVERYONE WHO YOU ARE...

P.S. my BEST P.R. is by word of mouth (I let other people words speak for me)


Blogger Hamani said...

That TRICK left a $5 dollar tip

Blogger Clarity-The Rarity said...

spa coordinator this
bikini wax that

lol-you might as well be a md

i knew a girl who worked in a spa in Great Falls once and who has been bare there since she started dating her ex fiance but she never said anything...hehehehe

yea you were just hating today
bc if i worked that hard (and especially if i paid for the schooling myself) I would be most def. be Dr. Me, two times a day too

look at me just hating


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