Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Ray - or should I say Sugar Ray
I am blessed to have 2 male FRIENDS - Ray & Bah(Baheej) - Bah I dont have a recent picture of you & Im sure you wouldnt let me take a picture of you anyway -LOL - (freakin Scorpio's)
& Listen when "I" say male friend - I mean it - I dont mean the "friend" thats waiting for you to break up with your boyfriend - or the friend that waiting around for the "goods" or the kinda friend that a guy who is trying to get your number is telling you that he wants to be...

Friends - how many of us have them???

Anyhoo - back to Ray
we met my first year at American University - he was trying to talk to my roommate Simone - Simone found out that Ray had a girlfriend -LOL (hey I didnt say he was perfect) - I didnt even realize that Ray stayed four doors down from our room (yes... my dorm was seriously co-ed) Ray became a good friend to me & Simone - stopping by in between school work, internships & corporate happy hours - Ray - you are always good for a happy hour - drinking wiskey and scotch - like he was one of the ...boys - I guess - when in Rome (hahaha - have you seen Anchor Man) - its because of you that I love a good Woo Woo (cranberry juice, vodka & peach snapps)

Ray - I just wanted you to know that Im very proud of you & I belive in you & you know what - we dont have to be - "cookie cutter" - we dont have to be "what the world tells us we should be" - dont look at your age & say how much have I accomplished - Im working on that right now & realizing that it doesnt matter... JUST BE YOU!!!! - Thats what Ive always loved...

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