Thursday, November 03, 2005

I can teach you - but I have to charge

Me & Smurf went to the "Players Ball" (aka JuJu's Annual Birthday Party)-

Sandy was missing in action

I can not forget - how pissed I was - I didnt think this stuff was real yall... but these n*ggas aint playing - I had this pimp approach me - I was heated - Smurf is telling me not to look the N*gga in his eye - Im thinking - he's about to get punched in his eye - him & his girl (smiling in my face) - all I had (opportunity & space) - I remained cool (naw - Im lying I was ready to go) - Smurf wanted to stay & see Don Juan - pull a trick - I was sick - I was dodging the pimp that seemed to be chasing me around the club (I thawt I was suppose to pick him- go figure he was choosing me) - Im not trying to have NO ONE pimp me - I can do my own tricks - thank you & I dont need you coaching me - he called me Kelis (ok so maybe I was resembling my mutual birthday girl at the time) - famous last words before she married Nas

- I can teach you - but I have to charge...
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you are so floetic


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