Sunday, August 28, 2005


MUSIC - is soooooo...... Therapuetic
Its sooooo Persuasive
Its sooooo Sensual
At times I feel like Im a walking & I just hear music all around me - easily creating my own theme music or response to a situation
Its my mood that Im in & I hear the music that fits...

I had the pleasure of having a roommate who listened to 3-6 mafia - the kind of music to get your mind right
I found myself liking the male perspective it gave
I found myself realizing that in most songs men sing or rap about - they are on the complete oppostite end of the spectrum than women
& if you dont know ladies
know this - a guy may not let you know or call you his girl - but he's feeling that way about u
& so leaving behind everything - I useta - analyze or worry about
when Im confused - I no longer listen to my girls -
but I turn on - one of the boys

And Now... My theme songs for this week!
Verses - from songs that make me feel (good), think, reflect, act & motivate

Becuz sum days - you gotta think about what your doing
What you want might make you cry - What you need might pass you by - If you don't catch it - If you don't catch it,
And what you need ironically - Will turn out what you want to be - If you just let it,If you just let it...
Thank you Lauren Hill (before the Marley)

& I convinced myself 5 years ago - that this HAS to be the way I would feel about the "one" I marry:
I couldn't love you more
If time was running out-
Couldn't love you more...
Oh right now baby
Take me by the hand come on-
Be my darling
be the one
I wouldn't want to lay or ever love with another...
If everyone in the world - Could give me what I wanted - I wouldn't want for more than I have...
I couldn't love you more if I tried...

He wants me...(slow motion)
When your eyes are closed
I hope Im the man you see
Cos if not, I want you too know
tonight I plan to be
Is this for me?

The title says it all - Mrs. Fat Booty
[Mos Def]
And from the moment that I saw ya,
I knew you was trouble
But I disregarded, detour signs
And did not stop til, you was mine
I guess God was like, aight fine
Careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it in heaps
Try to give it back he be like - nah that's yours to keep
So poetic baby girl you make it hard to speak
My dream lover make it hard to sleep.. I wrote a little song about it

Stop try to run game - Im too clever for that
This is how I look without makeup
And with no bra my ninny's sag down low
My hair ain't never hung down to my shoulders
And it might not grow
Ya' never know
But I'm clever when I bust a rhyme
I'm cleva always on ya' mind
She's cleva and I really wanna grow
But why come you're the last to know?

Spoken like a true Leo
And I'm not sorry...... (I'm not sorry)
It's human nature .........(it's human nature)
And I'm not sorry .........(I'm not sorry)
I'm not your bitch
don't hang your shit on me .........(it's human nature)
You wouldn't let me say the words I longed to say
You didn't want to see life through my eyes.....(Express yourself, don't repress yourself)
You tried to shove me back inside your narrow room
And silence me with bitterness and lies.........(Express yourself, don't repress yourself)

I just want to take you home wit me...
Uhh, yeah
Mami shot through the pad with the Mark Jacobs bag
The thick stitched seam and her favorite ass jeans
Y'all know the first date wearers
to make objects bigger than they appear like a rearview mirror
Oh her shoe game is real
She gave 'em the Christian Libountins(?) with the four inch heels
But honestly my favorite type of gear
is a scrungy for her hair and LaPearla underwear, clear?
[R. Kelly]
Girl I hear you callin, let's stop stallin
Do what we came to do
Girl I hear you callin, let's stop stallin
Baby I want you, yeah


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christian Laboutin...french designer, well known in America for shoes. They always have a blood red bottom and they are quite pricey. I like the way they look. Now, ask me how I know what color the bottom of those sexy shoes are? She wasn't walking.

I would say that I saw the sole/soul once or twice. She was lucky. And so was I. The Emilio Puccis were nice too. LOL.

Somebody is paying attention.


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